Skinny Pants Success!

Three months ago I bought pants from the US and had my dad ship them here. I received them and to my dismay they were SUPER tight. Like not able to button-tight. I was sad because they were so cute and didn’t fit. I also am too far and I cannot just walk into a store and return them . So… I made them my goal pants. Last night I decided to try them on and THEY FIT. Holy shit, they fit. I did a dance in them. I shook my booty in them and I went out partying in them. It’s the small successes. It’s the small hills that we conquer that remind me I am doing it right.

YAY Skinny Pants!



Then and Now

I get frustrated with my . It doesn’t like to budge and sometimes I just want to give up. But then I look at old pictures of myself….Ugh..















2013- 6 years later and 30 lbs lighter..

1149006_525871365748_1958012374_n 960003_10151609178906864_1668604639_n DSC01398











So maybe I don’t see the difference day to day…But damn do I look better now. Just have to remember that change takes time!

Have a wonderful week!

Weight Loss Motivational Quotes - Club New You by Xenical

Updates on Life.

Ok, so maybe I suck at updating a lot. Sorry everyone.

I had basically 3 weeks of a very busy life, including a trip to china and many other events. I had no time to run…which is kicking me in the butt now. And I have had no time to think about eating well. However, This week I am back to fasting. I just love it so much. And eating well when I am not fasting.

I have also started running again. Not going very well. After three weeks of no running I am having my ass kicked. I thought I was going to die on the treadmill yesterday. But I survived. I had planned on a 5K on September 7th…however it is 5 hrs away and too expensive at the moment so I think I am postponing my 5k until October. I am bummed but financially it is the right path for me. However, fasting has been helping me save money but pretty much not eating for 2 days during the week. I have also started to consider quitting drinking. I have never been a big drinker until I stepped foot onto Korean soil. It is such a way of life here that if you don’t drink…it is strange. However, it is sucking the money out of me and adding WAY to many extra calories. I am going to try it this weekend and see how it goes!


In weight news, I stepped on the scale this morning and I am at 87.8 kg or 193 lbs! That is the smallest I have been since middle school. This weight will probably shift since I did a fast yesterday and I am usually lighter after. But it is nice to see that number on the scale!

I am down 30 lbs from my heaviest weight! woooohoooo!

I am excited about this and it is a good motivator.

I hope everyone is having a good week. If you are having a bad week or you have been slacking there is always tomorrow. TOmorrow wake up and get your butt out there. You will not regret it, I promise.


sore today and more sore tomorrow...means Ive got to work out to get rid of the sore right??

5:2 Eating: 2 Fasts Complete

I have now officially finished my second fast this week! They both went well. I decided on doing one on Monday and one on Wednesday. They are my calmer days and the days I am least likely to go out and eat with anyone. I also run on these days and have found that it is possible to fast and run! I run in the mornings though before my body realizes that I am fasting. Hehehe

I ate the same thing both days to keep it easy.

Breakfast- Vega Protein (130 calories)
Lunch- Pre-made Soup (170 Calories)
1 cup tomatoes (108 Calories)
Dinner- 1 Sweet Yellow Pepper- 50 Calories
1 cup Cucumbers- 31 calories
Supplement: 1 Multivitamin

Grand Total of Calories Consumed: 489 Calories
Exercise: Monday: Burned 327 Calories Running
Wednesday: Burned 400 calories running

So this is what I ate…but most people want to know how it went, how I felt and if I cheated at all.

I actually am proud to say I did not cheat. I almost grabbed a handful of skittles out of a bag after a stressful class but stopped mid-stretch and laughed. I wasn’t even thinking about the fast. I just needed “something” to calm me down. I guess my mind is used to sugar doing that.

I found that it was not that hard on Monday. I also had a lot of classes that day and was super busy teaching. I also found that I needed to do something with my hands so I cleaned…like crazy. My apartment has never been so beautiful and clean! bonus! Like I said, Monday was good. I felt great and was not hungry. Wednesday was a bit different. I woke up and ran and after about 12pm I was feeling dizzy and tired. I took a multi-vitamin hoping that it would help. It did a bit but damn was I cranky that day. I snapped at my students a lot. Had them in the corner every two seconds and was just not “nice teacher.” I am probably usually too nice though so they can handle a little mean Rachel. As the day wore on the dizzy spells stopped. I wasn’t that hungry but still a bit of a rumbly tummy. I also downloaded an app called the 5:2 Diet Coach. It is sort of sappy but it texts me through the day during my fasts and tells me inspirational things or just reminds me to keep going. I really enjoyed reading it and it helped tremendously.

So…how did I like it. I must say I sorta LOVED IT. It was freeing to not have to think about food. When my stomach rumbled I ignored it. I realized after day one that it was not going to kill me to not eat for 24 hours. After awhile the stomach is sort of like a screaming child…once it realized it is not going to get what it wants it just sorta pouts for a bit and then shuts up. Don’t get me wrong, you will feel hungry. But knowing you have made the decision to not eat.

So all in all, I am excited for next weeks fast. I am even more excited to eat freely the rest of the week. I weigh in on Monday. I have been staring at my scale wanting to weigh myself. I am a daily weigh-er and to have to wait a week is sort of torture.

I will let you know on Monday how the weight is! This first week I am not worrying about what I eat at all. More for an experiment to see if I still lose. Also this weekend I am participating in Mudfest. This is basically a drunken party in a bunch of mud with many foreigners…so the calories are seriously out the window!

Anyways, hope this helps those beginners on their fasts or is somewhat entertaining.

Happy Fasting!


Eating Strategy- 5:2 Diet

I ran across a blog the other day where the author was complaining about looking at Pinterest while on the 5:2 diet and what a mistake it was. The name of the diet had sparked interest. There is a diet out there that I have not explored or heard about? I am really not into fad diets. I never tried the grapefruit diet, cabbage diet or South Beach diet. The most I have ever really done is Weight Watchers in which I discovered something: I HATE COUNTING CALORIES. Some people thrive on it. Some people live to write down everything they eat. I do not. I never did well on those diets. I would lie to myself, not write things down as if that meant I never ate them and then never see a change on the scale. I am just plain bad at counting calories. I found paleo to be awesome for this and have done well on it until moving to Korea. Korea just makes it hard to be paleo. I have done well in the last month but when I read more about the 5:2 diet…I was hooked.

So what is the 5:2 diet? In short it is based around the theory that fasting is good for not only your physical self but your mental self as well. The mention of fasting scared me. I don’t want to end up nothing but skin and bones. I don’t want to go days or weeks without food. But the idea is that you do intermittent fasting. Basically, you eat normally for 5 days and fast for 2 days. The fasting days include 500 calories so you are not completely not eating but it is enough to hurt you in any way.

The idea is hat if you cut out such a large number of calories on your fast days then at the end of 7 days you will have just a calorie deficit that you will lose a couple pounds a week. The part that hooked me was that you only really calorie count twice a week. And counting 500 measly calories is not too hard. After researching, watching documentaries about the diet and reading “The 5:2 Diet Book” By Kate Harrison, I was hooked. I had to try this diet!

So here we go…

The plan:

Fast 2 days a week- usually Monday and Wednesday
Drink lots of water
Do not worry about what you eat the other 5 days
Weigh once a week

That is it! Plan done. Prep done. Nothing more to do but fast!


Onederland and a C25K Update!

First and foremost it is that the time of the month again and I have weighed in. I have lost 2 lbs this month! For my body that is good. I have struggled to lose weight and even just not gain it since arriving in Korea. 2 lbs down is better than 2 lbs up! So even though it is a small number I am back in Onederland!!!! I am officially 198! My highest weight was 222 and my lowest  was 196 so I am almost back there and going to keep on trucking!

Couch25K Update:

I am not on week 3 of my C25K. I must say that I love it. I ran straight for 3 minutes at a 1% grade and at 9 km/hr.  I could barely run for 30 seconds 3 weeks ago. this plan actually works. What is even better is that I am actually enjoying running. It is starting to be my time to watch Korean soccer (running inspiration) and clear my head. I wish it wasn’t so stinking humid so I could run outside. But sooner or later I will.

Thank you for all the support and I hope to have an even bigger number for both of these by the next weigh in on August 15th!

Here is a little motivation that reminds me WHY I am doing this.


Another Korean Week

Another week of Korea life is over. The weeks here fly by. With work, social life and working out. I have very little time to watch True Blood anymore! ugh!  So many problems.

I did finish week 2 of Couch 25K. YAY for me!!!

Here is day one compared to day 6. Not much difference but day 6 I have a 1% incline (it makes a difference!) and I hae like 3 more minutes on day 6. Cant wait to see how I do on week 3!



It was a great week for eating and working out. Next week is my monthly weigh in and I am excited to see if I made any progress!

Have a great weekend!


I have a lot going on right now on top of my running. Life always seems to get in the way, especially when abroad. Every time I turn around there is something else to do.

Last week I took off from running. My knee was hurting so bad that I had to stop and take it easy. This week I am better. It is not sore anymore and only pops here and there. Yay for better knees! I have run today and yesterday and have felt really great. They are hard runs but they make me feel good and that is what is important.

I have been reading a lot about different apps and things to keep us motivated and on top of my Couch 25k App I have discovered Nexercise. A pretty amazingly fun app that keeps me motivated. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks. I love it.

It works using a different approach…actually earning “money” by exercise. When you work out you input the information either by the app picking up your motion or by you manually inputting it. The motion option does allow you to earn more points though. And of course, you can lie…but why would you do that!? In the long run you are only lying to yourself and why not just go and work out so you can honestly write it!  You are also able to compete with friends and you get to buy stuff with your points!  You do need to have a lot of points to buy most things. For example, so far I have been working out for 3 weeks and I have earned a $20 off coupon for reebok. What I am really working towards is the Nike Fuel Band. However, that is 15,000 points and is going to take me awhile to get it. But it is fun to work for it!  Here is a run down of the pros and cons:


1. Simple to use! Even includes a tutorial that walks you through it.
2. It is a free app!!
3. You are actually working towards something.
5. A cool calendar to see all your work outs
6. A “monthly matrix” which shows you a break down of everyhting you have done in the month
7. So many exercises in the system. Even work outs like Jillian Michaels and Biggest Loser. I even get points for bowling!

1. I wish it also kept track of calories burned. I have to use a different app for that and it would be nice to all be in one.
2. ok…only one con I guess.


Overall I LOVE this app and think that everyone should have it…and add me so that we can challenge eachother. MUWHAHAHAHAHAH.

Couch 2 5K

So I am two weeks into my Couch 2 5K challenge. It has been..okay. The first week was easy and my second week..was not. The way that couch 2 5k program works is that you start off week one and each week you add more time onto your run. You are not running for distance but for time.

The first week I  had a brisk 5 minute walk. Then I jog for 60 seconds and 90 seconds of walking. I did this part at a 10 km/h pace for the job and 5 km/hr for the walk. This was pretty easy.

The second week was a 5 minute warm up then to job for 90 seconds and walk for 2 minutes. This one I had a tough time with. I had done crossfit on Sunday and tweaked my knee. I was afraid to run and it hurt to go up and down stairs. I believe it was more mental but I was not able to finish any of the 90 seconds parts. I decided to re-do the second week this upcoming week. I have a few weeks to spare between the end of my couch to 5k and my 5k  that I am signing up for.


Day 1- 3.17 km 31.41 minutes
Day 2- 2.98 km 30.17
Day 3- 3.01 km 30.27
Day 4- 3.06 kn 32. 12
Day 5- 2,92 km 31. 15
Day – Did not take a photo of…but as you can see they haven’t changed much.

So, day 4-6 will be re-done this week and I HOPE for some better results.

Other workouts this week:

I am sorta proud of my workouts outside of the gym this week as well!

On Sunday I did crossfit and felt it the entire week. It felt good to sweat and get back into a boot camp atmosphere. I strive in them.
Tuesday, my friends and I went out for a walk that ended up being about 2 hrs long and through a really amazing part of the city with a stream and a loop to run/walk.
Wednesday I went bowling and bowled three games. I joined a bowling league that starts this Thursday. I am excited to get it going!

It was a good week for working out for me.

This week my workout plan is:

Monday, Wed, Thurs- Couch to 5k
Thursday night- bowling
Tuesday- Weights
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Four wheeling and Rafting!
Sunday- Rest


The Future of Big Girl

A lot of new stuff is happening in Big Girl’s life right now! I really hope to keep my momentum of this blog keeps going and I keep enjoying it. I am excited to be feeling good again, working out and eating right.

Additions to the blog:

Check out my new  “Girl’s Goals,” updated “The Girl,” and “Losing is Great” at the top of the page.

ALSO, start following me on Twitter to see what I am  doing, eating and learning throughout the day. Click the twitter symbol at the top of the screen.

Blogs coming up on Big Girl:

– Review of Vega Vanilla Chai Protein Powder
– Update on my Couch 2 5K
– Review on my new phone app- Nexercise
– Zucchini Lasagna recipe (as long as it turns out yummy)
– Weekly Work Out Schedule